Holly is totally an expert on loss and still living with joy and vibrancy and peace. She has lost her Mom, sister, her savings and now her marriage/husband and yet she has not only coped but also flourished in spite of all her losses. So many people can benefit from what she has to offer them.

Holly is a pillar of strength for me and I admire her so much for how she has chosen to live her life. She is an amazing woman who has so much to offer other women to help them become empowered, too.

— Glenda Lane, Transformational Life Coach. Edmonton, Canada. www.glendalane.ca


Before I started coaching with Holly, I felt invisible. I worked so much and I was almost always tired. I was ignoring my needs and wasn’t good at pacing or rewarding myself. During our complimentary session, I got to feel deep, long-buried loving emotions about who I really am, and a lot of compassion for what I’ve been through. I’m no stranger to these methods, but no one was able to “crack” my exterior and get me to love and appreciate myself like Holly did. She gave me simple tools that I use every day, and her compassion and humor got me through a rough time. Since then my abundance has skyrocketed. It all starts in the heart, and Holly gets you connected with your heart and believing in yourself and your decisions.Sign up for an introductory session with Holly, it will change your life!

— Rosemary Sneeringer
The Book Nurturer


Denise Brown

I am so grateful for Holly’s knowledge, insights and tools. I learn so much from her, especially the importance of living in the moment. I used to spend so much time worrying. Now, because of Holly, I tell myself: “I have just what I need right now. Life is good.” This has made a huge difference for me! I highly recommend Holly, whose coaching really can transform. With Holly as my coach, I learned to move forward with confidence to embrace just what I want in life.

— Denise M. Brown, Park Ridge, Illinois

When I started coaching with Holly I was tired of worrying about money. I had started my entrepreneurial business but I lacked the belief and confidence that I could do it. I was spending a lot of time and money on my business that was going around in circles.

Holly helped me to release my emotional blocks (fear of failing and self-doubt) so that I am more focused and confident. I have established order in both my business and financial world that allows me to sleep better at night and I wake up excited about my future. It is fantastic having a coach like Holly who fully supports me and understands my fear because she is someone who has “been there, done that”.

Barbara Maher,
The Spirit of Women  ~ Creating special personal growth events for women

There is so much I can’t say in a few sentences about how personal coaching with Holly has changed my reality.  I often felt trapped in a place with stress and negativity being the norm, a place from which I could not escape, and it was making me sick. I was craving to get away from the discomfort.

After 6 months of coaching, I feel like the negativity and stress is being replaced with a warm, bright, golden light which is bringing me a comfort in my life that I am only beginning to get to know and enjoy.  I have learned that I can choose to live in the present moment, to love and care for myself, and to not harshly judge myself or the actions of others.  I now know what it feels like to replace the tension and stress I experience with comfort, strength, and optimism.  Recently, I experienced public speaking with no physical manifestations of fear for the first time in 40 years and I once that I could never do that; even two years of Toastmasters did not do that for me. And my husband and I have grown closer in our relationship. All of these changes are quite amazing.

I am so glad I had the courage to start this journey with Holly. I am looking forward to continuing on to happier and healthier future.


T. Hendry

Kamloops, BC